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Shenzhen IDO Technology was funded in 2002. We are professionally engaged in the developing and producing of Screw Type, Snap-in Type and Lead Type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. IDO introduced advanced production facilities and detection devices, which is a high-tech private enterprise with the function of research, manufacture and distribution.


After the laborious research and continuing innovation, we absorb, assimilate and regenerate the top-ranking technology and equipment from Germany, Japan, Italy and Korea on the base of long term research and produce of military aluminum electrolytic capacitors. In the year of 2011, we constructed and operated a new national top-ranking product line which specialized on screw type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The product line produces 200 millions capacitors annual, the capability and quality achieve the best lever in industry, and can completely replace those import famous brands.


In one hand we devoted ourselves on comprehensive study and development of screw type aluminum electrolytic capacitor, in the other hand we also carried out research and development on the raw materials. We successfully developed the special high pressure formed foil, and successfully compounded the electrolyte for high voltage, long life and high ripple current products. Master the key technology, produce world-class energy- saving devices, are IDO’s enterprise value, and also our goal that worth to fight for a life time.


Profit from independent innovation, IDO’s high quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors have been widely applied to various fields. Such as following:


New energy filed (wind power generation system, photovoltaic power generation system and other new energy power generation system)
Clean energy applications field (high-speed rail, hybrid electric vehicle, pure electric vehicle and other clean energy transportation system)
Energy saving equipment and other industrial applications field (frequency converter, strobe, energy storage welding machine, laser welding machine, UPS, EPS and other Industrial energy storage equipments)

Medical field (X ray machine, MRI machine, beauty instrument, life monitoring system and medical examination system)


IDO insists the practice that being innovative and with good faith. Under IDO’s tireless efforts, it has gained favourable comment from the market. IDO welcomes new and old friends to visit and seeks for a win-win patent.

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